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Distributed Voting Systems

Transparency, universal verifiability, anonymous voting and voter auditing are key concepts for more accountable, democratic and transparent management. Find out how your organisation can set up digital voting systems in the most secure way.

Tokenized Smart Assets

Tokenize real assets with smart assets to bring liquidity, automation and logic to your business. Completely adapted to your project, our systems provide a new way to manage 21st century businesses.

Document Notarization

Concepts such as security, privacy and trust are basic to create an environment to manage our documents and data. Discover how Blockchain can help maintain integrity and record data to protect your documentary assets.

Success Developments

Opt-in Protocol

The Opt-in protocol is a process that allows migrating part of the information from the NEM NIS1 Blockchain accounts to the new Symbol network. It is a second layer application on the NEM blockchain designed as an NPM module to be integrated into multiple services.

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Desktop Opt-in

Desktop platform on the official NEM NIS1 Nanowallet that allows, through an interface in one of its modules, to interact with the Opt-in protocol quickly and easily.


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Symbol Paper Wallet

The Symbol Paper Wallet is a library that allows you to generate and export symbol paper wallets in a comfortable and elegant format. Papers wallets are the safest way to save your passwords.


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Amoria Token Sale

Amoria its a project that aims to tokenize water resources. With the token made under NEM NIS1 Blockchain, this platform allows customers to register and buy tokens via Debit card, Bank transfer and Cryptocurrency.


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NEM Voting

The NEM voting platform is a NanoWallet module that allows anybody to create and vote on polls stored on the NEM blockchain. 

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AEM+ Accounting

The first ever multiwallet that integrates NEM with it’s native currency XEM and mosaic tokens as well as the Testnet version of Symbol Blockchain, with it’s native currency XYM.

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NEM Microwallet

The NEM Microwallet is a Chrome extension that allows the user to have some of the NEM features in a fast and accessible way. Thanks to this easy to use application every kind of user can have access to the NEM Blockchain without difficult setups or commands.

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Walik - Bitcoin 

Walik is a Bitcoin wallet for mobiles that allows you to interact in an easy and simple way with your portfolios without technological knowledge. It is developed under the highest security standards and implements a modular solution to list new coins quickly.

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Wax Payment Gateway

Wax is one of the most successful EOS-based Blockchains. Developed together with eosBarcelona, this platform allows you to accept Wax payments in Woocommerce-based online stores


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AEMPay+ Wallet

AEMPay+ is a wallet that enables users get financial data from their blockchain accounts for accounting purposes.

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Dose Days Future

The Dose Days platform allows you to send a message to the future by recording its content on the NEM NIS1 or Ethereum Blockchain.

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Ethereum Shares Divider

license-as-a-service platform that allows any enterprise to design, launch and distribute without writing code their own smart contracts.

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Ukraine Electoral Commission Uses NEM Blockchain for Voting Trial

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